Female Led Relationship

WITH MY 24/7 slaveS AND MY personal slaves

Female Led Relationship

I maintain with My 24/7 slaves and My personal slaves a so-called ‘FLR’ relationship.

An FLR relationship is centered around the Lady: She takes all the important decisions.

female led relationship
female led relationship

How does a female led relationship with Me look like?

In the relations I maintain with My 24/7 slaves and My personal slaves I am the one who makes the decisions.

I make ALL the important decisions, financially as well as socially.
My 24/7 slaves depend ENTIRELY on Me. They are My possession, I am their Owner.
My personal slaves depend on Me as well, but within the boundaries of the contract, outside they are free men.

In short, within a Female Led Relationship I control the finances, I decide whether a slave may meet other people outside My service, and work My slaves for Me, in and around the house, as well as outside within society.

FLR with Me is all about Me: My comfort, My pleasure, My well-being. When I am well-served, My slaves will fall nothing short.


FLR with multiple slaves

I want to have at least one slave around Me at any moment in time, so that I will be served instantly when I cut My fingers.

Therefor I want a Female Led Relationship with multiple slaves. Together they form My slave harem, My slave farm, My slave stable.

female led relationship
TPE: total power exchange

FLR means Total Power Exchange

Female Led Relationship is not a game for Me, it is My llifestyle.
A slave for Me is just slave, nothing more than that. he solely exists to serve Me.

I am the Boss, I decide EVERYTHING.

I demand that My slaves surrender to Me COMPLETELY, Total Power Exchange.


My slave stable / slave farm / slave harem is a form of Matriarchy

I am the Head of the relationship. I direct My slave stable as a matriarchy.

I am the matriarch, an unapproachable Queen who decides about the fate of Her slaves.


female led relationship

And you?

Do you dream of living your life at the service of a beatiful, dominant Lady, being a part of Her slave harem?
Do you keep dreaming, or do you dare to live your dream?
Apply for the position of My 24/7 slave.
Is that a bridge too far for now? Then start as one of My personal slaves.

24/7 slavePersonal slave